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Stainless Steel Phillipe Boucher Elliptical

Stainless Steel Phillipe Boucher Elliptical

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This is a stainless steel bit.  Asserting very little poll pressure, this bit acts directly on the bars of the horse's mouth.

Use this bit for horses that are heavy to handle or resistant in the neck. Correctly used, the small ring attaches to the cheek pieces, and the larger ring for the reins. This bit is similar to an eggbutt as the mouth piece cannot move or rotate on the rings, making it lie more quietly in the horse's mouth.

There is very slight leverage action with this bit, so less poll pressure. The shape of the cheeks prevents the bit from pinching the horse's lips. The elliptical link (oval lozenge in the middle of the bit) reduces nutcracker action, has a more even pressure over the bars, and allows independent control over the two sides of the mouth.

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