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Stahl Wash Jet
Stahl Wash Jet

Stahl Wash Jet

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Effortlessly wash your horse with the Stahl Wash Jet.

Adjustable rubber nozzle offers you 8 different spray settings to suit your needs.

Featuring a dilution combination container taking up to 100ml, minimizing shampoo wastage.

Attach to your hose pipe, place shampoo in the container, adjust to your suited spray and wash your horse with ease.

Adjust the top nozzle to the required shampoo or water setting for the correct use.

This design not only save you shampoo, but also time, making it effective and efficient.

Finished with a strong secure handle for sufficient grip.


  • 8 spray settings.
  • Shampoo container.
  • Secure handle.
  • Metal hook for additional storage.
  • Powder coated finish.

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