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Smart Fetlock Boot
Smart Fetlock Boot
Smart Fetlock Boot

Smart Fetlock Boot

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This striking open-front fetlock boot combines D3O technology with breathable neoprene and an ergonomic vented double shell to provide exceptional protection against knocks and brushing injuries.

The inclusion of D3O in the key strike area enables the shell to be more flexible and therefore more comfortable than other products on the market, without hindering performance. 

7mm breathable neoprene base with tough vented PU shell
D3O® foam inserts for ‘Protection on Demand’
Contrasting mesh panels to prevent grit ingress
Branded elastic straps with secure billet fastenings
Recessed stitching for strength and durability
Soft lycra binding for comfort 



D3O® offers 'Protection on Demand' and has been utilised by Woof Wear to provide the ultimate protective boot. Using modern design with the latest technology Woof Wear have created lightweight, hardwearing and technical protection for your horses legs, because we know you want the best for your horse


  • Undo the tabs and studs and open the boot flat
  • Standing on the outside of your horse’s leg slide the boot down the inside of the horse’s leg (going with the direction of the hair) until the strike pad of the boot cups around the fetlock
  • Close the straps.
  • Take a look round the leg to ensure the fetlock is covered, yet the boot is not restricting the movement of the joint


Washing Instructions:

  • Close all straps prior to washing
  • Machine wash max 30°C, gentle spin
  • DO NOT tumble dry
  • DO NOT leave boots in strong sunlight 

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