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Roemer Genuine Sherpa Rolled 3D Spacer Saddle Pad
Roemer Genuine Sherpa Rolled 3D Spacer Saddle Pad

Roemer Genuine Sherpa Rolled 3D Spacer Saddle Pad

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The Roemer Genuine Sherpa 3D Spacer rolled saddle pad features a sheepskin lining with rolled front and back edges to effectively cushion your horse’s back, helping to absorb shock during the demands of training and competition.

The specialised 3D Spacer fabric is made up of millions of polyester fibres that interweave the upper and lower fabric layers, acting as an air cavity with a thermo regulating effect. This interweaving of individual horizontal and vertical fibres makes the fabric unique, creating an open and elastic structure, ensuring optimal support and correct maintenance of its shape. The fabric’s microfilaments follow and adapt to the horse’s anatomical shape perfectly while providing a superb cushioning effect.

In addition, due to its unique structure the fabric provides a high degree of breathability, helping to keep your horse’s back drier and cooler for longer.

The sheepskin in turn is also breathable and wicks moisture away from the horse’s skin while promoting blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

The saddle pad features a spinal seam section without sheepskin. This reduces bulk on the horse’s sensitive spinal area, alleviating pressure and ensuring your horse remains comfortable throughout your ride.

Finished with Velcro adjustable girth retaining straps to ensure a secure fit at all times.

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