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Neutralyte Liquid
Neutralyte Liquid

Neutralyte Liquid

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Mild diuretic and urinary buffer for horses. NEUTRALYTE LIQUID has been formulated to combat the effects of acidosis and dehydration, particularly after fast work. NEUTRALYTE LIQUID encourages horses to drink, increasing the action of the kidneys in clearing toxic wastes after hard exercise. Supplies of fresh water must be available and will assist NEUTRALYTE in overcoming dehydration and correcting fluid balance. After racing or fast work, horses may develop a build-up of lactic acid (acidosis) in the muscles, which often results in muscular stiffness and soreness, sourness in attitude and poor appetite. NEUTRALYTE LIQUID helps neutralise this acid build-up, and promotes the excretion of lactic acid and metabolic wastes.

A dose of NEUTRALYTE LIQUID over the tongue after racing or hard competition will help hasten recovery and maintain the appetite, whilst keeping your horse's muscles performance fit. Horses are often slow to open their kidneys after racing or hard work. Partial dehydration, particularly during warm weather, and low grade muscle soreness and fatigue, can reduce urine output and make horses reluctant to stretch out. Often they strain to pass a small volume of syrupy urine after a few attempts. Most horses don't get a chance to drink until after returning to their stables often hours after a race. They are often picky and play with their food, due to fatigue and soreness after racing. Administer 50 ml of NEUTRALYTE LIQUID by syringe over the tongue on returning to the stables. Tired, picky eaters can be easily treated to ensure they obtain the full dose. In fact, most horses relish the mild salty, sugary taste and are encouraged by the caramel flavouring. Repeat the 50 millilitres oral dose on each of the two mornings after racing during hot weather. Fast work results in Acidosis, particularly when horses are pushed too fast, too early, or when underdone for the speed or distance.

Horses with lowered oxygen carrying capacity due to anaemia, or even dehydration, have a higher risk of developing Acidosis. The nervy, highly-strung horses that run their race before the start are also more likely to develop Acidosis, which causes muscle fatigue and reduced finishing ability. Unfortunately, some horses have not got over their last fast workout within the 2 to 3 days before racing, and so have an extra hidden handicap on raceday. By administering 50 millilitres of NEUTRALYTE LIQUID over the tongue 72 hours before racing, or, preferably immediately after the last fast workout before racing, whichever comes last. This will boost the blood buffering capacity to neutralise residual Acidosis. Then give 28 millilitres, as normally prescribed, in the feed daily until race day.

CONTAINS: Sodium & Sodium Acid Citrate

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