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Leovet 5-star Magic Style II 200ml

Leovet 5-star Magic Style II 200ml

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5-Star Magic Style from Leovet takes everything you love about the original Leovet 5-Star spray and concentrates it into a serum you and your horse will love.

Magic Style is formulated with conditioning vitamins that have hydro-active qualities to help improve the hair structure.

Your horse’s mane and tail will appear freshly washed, much smoother and full of volume after application.

A walnut-sized amount of Magic Style will help your horse’s mane and tail stay tangle free and smooth for days.


  • Gives long hair volume.
  • Adds smoothness and shine to manes and tails.
  • Detangles hair for easy combing.
  • Contains UV filter.

Made in Germany.

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