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Hemo-Boost Liquid
Hemo-Boost Liquid

Hemo-Boost Liquid

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Iron, Copper and Cobalt Supplement. HEMO-BOOST LIQUID contains iron, copper and cobalt, the three principal minerals required for red blood cell and haemoglobin formation. Daily doses of HEMO-BOOST LIQUID will ensure that horses in training on high grain diets will receive adequate amounts of these essential minerals to produce and maintain maximum red cell and haemoglobin levels. As an appreciable amount of iron is lost in sweat, HEMO-BOOST LIQUID provides extra iron to replace losses in heavily sweating horses.

HEMO-BOOST LIQUID will help improve the blood count and maximize performance where iron may be deficient in the diet, or stores of iron are depleted by blood loss due to worms, haemorrhage or heavy sweating. HEMO-BOOST LIQUID is recommended for all horses in training to ensure maximum red cell production in response to exercise and fast work. HEMO-BOOST LIQUID contains three forms of soluble iron. The principal form of iron in this formulation is chelated iron aminoates. These iron aminoates are shielded by an amino-acid coating to provide a safe and well-absorbed form of iron. Iron aminoates eliminate the gut irritation associated with ordinary iron salts commonly used in iron supplements.

The copper in HEMO-BOOST LIQUID maximises the incorporation of iron into the structure of haemoglobin. Cobalt is used in the synthesis of Vitamin B12 one of the essential complex vitamins for blood formation. HEMO-BOOST LIQUID is both stable and palatable to ensure maximum potency and ready acceptance. As an aid to the building of a better blood count, HEMO-BOOST LIQUID can't be beaten!

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