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GWN - Horsemanship Training Lead Rope
GWN - Horsemanship Training Lead Rope
GWN - Horsemanship Training Lead Rope

GWN - Horsemanship Training Lead Rope

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LENGTH: 4.2m / 14ft

• Hand made & stitched from the finest double braid yachting rope
• Heavy duty bull snap is simple to remove for easy cleaning - machine or hand washable
• Rope will never stretch & holds its shape
• Highly durable in any environment and doesn't become slippery when wet or sweaty

• Enables trainer to work with a horse from a distance for safety - when too close to a horse, a trainer can be in danger & being too far when starting a new horse , is ineffective
• For beginner to advanced groundwork
• Superb weight & feel, the lead & bolt snap is heavy
• Thickness, weight and length are created according to ideal specifications for ground training
• The lead ensures that your horse feels your energy all the way to the headcollar
• If used with good training signals, the lead creates perfect communication between you & your horse
• The heave duty bolt snap allows your horse to feel the slightest pressure release ensuring optimum learning
• Remember, horses learn from the release of pressure & the lead design gives speedy and effective pressure release signals

• Most effective when used with a good quality horsemanship headcollar that has pressure point knots

• Always use the lead with as little pressure as possible, and only as much as is necessary to get the job done effectively

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