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EquiSupreme Ultimate Trainer 1 kg
EquiSupreme Ultimate Trainer 1 kg

EquiSupreme Ultimate Trainer 1 kg

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Training increases the ability of the equine muscles to use fatty acids. L-Carnitine is vital for this effect and supplementation during and after training may be advantageous. L-Carnitine facilitates the transportation of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria ("powerhouses") of the muscle cells, thus facilitating optimal release of the energy from fats used for muscle contraction.

ULTIMATE TRAINER provides the daily dose of micro-nutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins to meet the elevated demands imposed on the equine athlete by the stress of training, racing and competition.

L-Carnitine helps limit lactic acid build up in the muscle cells during exercise, reducing the likelihood of muscle cramps and muscle fatigue.
The horse's body will be unable to utilise the high energy content of high fat diets without sufficient L-Carnitine. If feeding a high-fat diet, provision of additional L-Carnitine should be considered.

L-Carnitine supplementation could also be of therapeutic use in helping correct heart irregularities which occur in some horses, as well as the more general benefit in maintaining strong heart muscles in normal animals.

Dietary supplementation must be combined with a training or exercise programme. The response to supplementation may vary depending on the individual's state of training and metabolism.

Dosage 30 to 50g p/day

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