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Stay Light In The Saddle

Stay Light In The Saddle

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Golden Girl's dam was a cart horse. Not the greatest recommendation for an endurance horse, who must compete in rides for up to 160 kilometers over demanding terrain of mountains and desert.
But Frankie Francis fell in love with her unusual blaze and her trusting eye. Could Goldie take her to the winner's podium, where other horses had failed?
At the age of forty-something, Frankie started a journey that led the to the heart of the sport of endurance riding. She discovered that it satisfied her need for competition, for the companionship of horses and for the adventure.
But at what cost?

As she entered her middle years, arthritis set in. By then she'd become addicted to the adrenalin rush of winning tape. Her joints were degenerating, but she refused to give up.

She had first one and then a second hip replaced. Medication could keep pain at bay, but what she couldn't foresee, or avoid, was a freak accident that tested her courage and her resolve to the utmost. 

STAY LIGHT IN THE SADDLE will enthrall those who love horse riding, and it will also appeal to those who've never laid a hand on a saddle. for the traveler, this book highlights the austere beauties of Namibia's desert country.

Frankie sat on a horse for the first time when she was six years old. She honed her riding skills at an English boarding school and spent happy holidays with her family in Nigeria, where her father worked as an engineer. After two decades of having fun and travelling around Africa, she settled in Namibia and now lives on a small-holding outside Windhoek, sharing her life with her partner, David, their two dogs and four horses.

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