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St Croix Concorde Alu Race Horse Shoe - Toe Clipped

St Croix Concorde Alu Race Horse Shoe - Toe Clipped

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The St Croix Concorde Alu horse shoe with toe clips was development for performance horses. It is an extremely light horse shoe designed for competitive horses where good grip and traction are important performance factors, for example race horses. The Concorde is a complete concave horseshoe that in combination with the all-round crease offers extra traction. The crease is continuous through the toe area and back to the heel. The concave section in the toe moves the turning point slightly, so it is displaced backwards, which assists the rolling motion of the foot. The concave form also ensures that manure and sand on the inside of the horseshoe can easily drop off. On hind Concorde horseshoes the heel section is fully formed to provide additional support and to easily allow adaptations such as drilling holes for studs.

Sold per pair. 

Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Front and hind shoes.

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