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Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Double Jointed Bradoon – 14mm - CUSTOMER ORDER ONLY

Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Double Jointed Bradoon – 14mm - CUSTOMER ORDER ONLY

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The Sprenger Dynamic RS eggbutt style bridoon features an ergonomically designed mouthpiece which allows the bit to rest comfortably in the horse’s mouth, resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area – encouraging your horse to chew.

The bit features the popular double jointed KK Ultra mouthpiece which is shortened and angled forward by 45 degrees. The angle ensures that the central link lies gently on the horse’s tongue, resulting in an even and constant contact to allow for clear instructions through the reins. The innovative KK Ultra bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the horse’s tongue which multiplies the perceptions from signals given by the bit. When the reins are pulled back, the central part of the KK Ultra mouthpiece rests fully on the tongue without squeezing or pinching. The tongue’s sense of touch is utilised and clear instructions can be given. The anatomically adapted mouthpiece is very comfortable for the horse as the rider can give softer instructions and the horse’s suppleness in the jaw is harmoniously supported.

The bit is made of an oxidized Aurigan metal that produces a distinctive taste that horses love. This particular taste encourages horses to chew, produce saliva and helps to improve the horse’s awareness. The Dynamic RS design gives soft but very effective instructions for a better contact between horse and rider.

Sizes: 4′, 4.5′, 5′ and 5.5′.

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