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Phoenix Vienna Side Reins / Triangular Reins - CUSTOMER ORDER ONLY

Phoenix Vienna Side Reins / Triangular Reins - CUSTOMER ORDER ONLY

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Also known as the triangle/triangular rein or in German a dreieckszügel, these Vienna side reins can be used for both ridden and lunge work.

The rein is attached to the side of the girth/lunging roller, threaded through the bit and is again attached to the girth between the horse's front legs, forming a triangular shape. The rein slides through the bit and encourages the horse to work in a correct and steady shape.

The triangle rein may be used in SAEA Dressage Pony Rider Preliminary classes, with a snaffle bit only, and in the SANESA dressage tests excluding Prix Caprilli.

The rein is connected to the girth as per the diagrams attached. It is fitted in such a way that the pony is never restricted. The aim of the triangle rein in pony classes is to assist the pony to stay in a round and steady frame. This allows the pony to be comfortable. A hollow pony is not working in a way that is comfortable for the carrying of a rider. It also prevents the young and inexperienced rider from having to pull the pony round or hang on the reins. Thus the young rider will be able to concentrate on correct positioning of their body and hands.

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