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Marstall EasyGoing-60g Oral Injector

Marstall EasyGoing-60g Oral Injector

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Marstall EasyGoing Only released and focused horses can unleash their potential and achieve high performance! Marstall EasyGoing is the innovation of feed with a soothing and concentration-enhancing effect. EasyGoing has been proven to help reduce nervousness and over-reaction with 4 innovative, easily digestible ingredients. Not sedating! Without tryptophan, magnesium, valerian, etc. 48 hours grace period after ADMR. Allowed according to FEI. Scientifically proven effect! The effect of EasyGoing occurs after about 30 minutes and can last up to 4 hours. Depending on the nervous condition of the horses and on the dose, the intensity of the effect changes. The ideal dosage can be very different from horse to horse and is best determined by careful increase in volume. Use and dosage of EasyGoing: Low dose = for balance. Medium Dose = for more precise performance, for reassurance and concentration improvement. High dose = "on the spot" effect (eg hoof fitting, transport). Feeding the powder (bag) directly with the trough food or in Mash administer. Feeding the paste (injector) directly into the mouth or out of the hand.

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