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Gold Medal Bitless Bridle - Cob /Brown Only

Gold Medal Bitless Bridle - Cob /Brown Only

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This Gold Medal bitless bridle is manufactured from quality imported leather and features an ergonomic padded headpiece and noseband to ensure your horse's comfort.

The bridle provides control by distributing its pressure over a wide area (one or both sides of the head, depending on whether you are steering or stopping) and over less sensitive tissues (skin and mainly underlying muscle). It does this through two loops which cross over each other underneath the horse's jaw, one over the poll and one over the nose. 


  • Material: Leather. 
  • Poll piece: Ergonomic - padded. 
  • Browband: Padded and lined. 
  • Noseband: Bitless noseband - padded. 
  • Noseband width: 25mm. 
  • Reins: Web cleated. 
  • Cheek piece fastenings: Buckles. 
  • Rein fastenings: Buckles. 
  • Reinstoppers: Yes - leather. 
  • Hardware: Chrome. 
  • Decorative finishes: Raised browband and noseband design. Square chrome buckles.

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