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EquiSupreme Untye
EquiSupreme Untye

EquiSupreme Untye

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An effective supplement to keep your horse from tying-up and help it finish stronger

  • Helps prevent tying-up
  • Helps to reduce muscle damage and fatigue
  • Helps muscles work harder and longer
  • An aid in reducing lactic acid accumulation during intense exercise
  • Shortens recovery time

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Phosphorous 2,5g/kg (min) 
  • Chromium 600µg/kg (min)
  • Magnesium oxide 5g/kg (min) 
  • Sodium 7,5g/kg (min)
  • Vitamin E 2 500 IU/kg (min) 
  • Chloride 10g/kg (min)
  • DMG 1 500mg/kg (min) 
  • CaCO3 5g/kg (min)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids 2 500mg/kg (min) 
  • Moisture 50g/kg (max)

Dosage 50g per day

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