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Equi Cool Down Leg Wraps

Equi Cool Down Leg Wraps

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Ideal therapeutic treatment for legs to reduce inflammation, treat strains, sprains or even insect bites. Flexible and non-slip, the wraps fasten with adjustable stretch straps for a snug fit. Safe to use directly on the leg.

Sold in pairs. Size: 15" x 31" wide

Equi Cool Down’s product range utilizes advanced multi-fibre weave textile technology combined with a natural plant extract and water to create clever, instant cooling relief for horse and rider.

Initially designed for use in the sports arena, these easy to use garments are ideal for both the recreational or professional rider as well as for therapeutic treatment and acclimatisation.
Simple to use
No special preparation is required, simply immerse in cold water, wring and apply. A quick wave in the air reactivates the cooling properties if extended use is necessary. Reusable. Hand wash or machine wash cool with mild detergent.


Storage Tips
Short Term Storage:

Your Equi Cool Down wrap has been treated with an anti-microbial wash (twice during the manufacturing process). This allows the wrap to be stored clean in a damp state. Mold and mildew* can occur if the wrap has any dirt or debris on it so we don’t recommend storing thewrap wet for longer periods of time (see Long Term below). You can store the wrap in the zipper carry bag it came in or simply use a plastic or rubber tote with a lid for easy access.

Long Term Storage:

When not in use, machine or hand rinse the wrap in cold water (using regular laundry detergent, no fabric softener), fold and set aside to dry out completely. DO NOT try and unfold it when drythe material will harden when dry and can crack if bent. When you are ready to use it again, rewet either by soaking until soft and wringing out excess water or simply toss it back into your washer. It will become soft and supple again.

*A note about mold/mildew: If this occurs, machine washing your wrap may take care of the problem leaving only a color stain on the fabric. You can use hot water to be sure the mold/mildew is completely eliminated, but the hot water may slightly fade the color of your wrap however the hot wash will not negate any of the cooling properties of your wrap.

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