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High5 Energy Gel - 40g
High5 Energy Gel - 40g
High5 Energy Gel - 40g
High5 Energy Gel - 40g

High5 Energy Gel - 40g

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High5 Energy Gel 40g

Energy Gel is smooth with a light consistency, making it easy to have on the go. And, because it’s made with natural fruit juice, it tastes great too! Easy to open and swallow, each sachet delivers 23g of carbohydrate energy.


• 23g of carbohydrate energy
• Caffeine free
• Real fruit juice for a light refreshing taste
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Energy Gel is designed to be taken BEFORE and DURING exercise.


High5 Energy Caffeine Gel 40g

Energy Gel Caffeine is a convenient, fruity gel which delivers carbohydrate and caffeine straight to your muscles during exercise.


Which HIGH5 gel to choose: Energy Gel or Energy Gel Aqua?
There is no right or wrong answer: they both do the same job; it’s simply down to personal preference. Energy Gel Aqua has a lighter consistency – somewhere between a drink and a gel. Whereas Energy Gel is less bulky and lighter in weight, which makes it easier to carry in larger quantities.

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