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3d Spacer Endurance Saddle Pad

3d Spacer Endurance Saddle Pad

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The 3D Spacer endurance saddle pad is a light-weight numnah that provides excellent shock absorbing functionality in addition to its moisture control design which keeps the horse's back cool and comfortable during long hours of training and competition. This saddle pad comprises of multiple layers. The top layer is made from a premium quality heat and sweat management fabric that is both breathable and washable. It is light-weight and porous, wicking moisture away from the horse's skin and preventing excessive heat accumulation. A removable shock absorbing memory foam pad is strategically placed on either side of the spine area, enhancing the saddle pad's shock absorbing properties and providing additional protection for the horse's back. The middle layer of the saddle pad is made from a high grade cushioning fabric which retains its shape and density, even after prolonged periods of use. Together the memory foam and cushioning fabric help to minimise the development of pressure points and moulds to the horse's back to provide maximum comfort and ease of movement. The bottom layer of the saddle pad is manufactured from a breathable, netted material with a soft texture which helps to prevent hair collection while still providing the optimal amount of air circulation. In addition the saddle pad is fitted with hook and loop fastenings in the gullet and the cinch area of the saddle to ensure the saddle pad remains in place during your entire ride.

Colours: Black only.

Sizes: Full only.

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